The Classic Game

To start with the game, it is the city of Threex, where you will spend a lot of time at the beginning of the game. At first, there is not much access. Do not be disappointed because there is a flag everywhere - you have not started yet. Pay attention to what people say (especially those who stop) because they can tell you what to do next. Keep the moral of healing products and sell what you do not need.

The scenario of this game is very serious. Some of our editors say this story is better than FF3. Although I do not know anything about it, let me tell you this: the scenario will prepare you to play the game until you win it. This is another RPG that will keep you awake all week and all weekend. The game was originally called Mother 2 in Japan and was a hit. Nintendo of Japan and the American people Nintendo have joined together to translate this game so that it is oriented towards our culture. This game attempt is pretty clear. Visit this article to know the clear structure of the gameplay.

Have you ever thought of studying this kind of thing while playing your Super NES? By the way, who would have thought you would see Nintendo's blood? This game is full of this human exhaustion. There are all kinds of obnoxious sound effects. The boss crushes you and damages hell a little. Unlike Nintendo. The humor of this game is unpredictable, but it's obvious. Sitting is a lot of fun because not only do you enjoy the hours spent playing, but you also laugh a lot (a nice surprise). This game has been working for a long time. You can say that they really put everything in the game. It may be a Japanese game at first, but you cannot say it by playing it. 

First impression

When I saw this game for the first time, I burst out laughing. It seemed like it could be done on a Nintendo, and that's the idea I gave it. Only when I sat down and played the game more than once did I realize it was not a NES game.

Excellent quality

The scenario certainly makes it a winner. This game would not be as good without it.

What is missing?

Graphic intensity! There is nothing exciting about the graphics, I think it could hurt the game. People can look at the bottom of the box and maintain it without luck.

You like it?

I think so It's a game that most people can enjoy, young and old (not too old). It's certainly not a crooked game. If you play this game for over an hour, you will be very upset, which is rare in today's game.